April 2012



At its meeting on March 19, the Vestry:

–accepted the Treasurer’s report (it was noted that the parish’s net worth has increased by $15,000 thus far in 2012);

–reviewed the 20ll Parochial Report;

–appointed the Long Range Planning Committee, which will begin work later this month (committee members: Gene Yeates, Peter Mallary, Ann Davis, Jaqueline Wren, and Bob Jones (ex officio);

–discussed the installation of a solar-powered spotlight to illuminate the parish sign at night;

–made initial plans for a Green Up/Clean Up day later this spring (date to be announced).



We were very touched by the delightful luncheon held on March 5 to mark the tenth year of our being part of St. Martin’s Church. Thank you for the luncheon and for the generous gift presented to us.  It has been a wonderful decade and we are very glad to be part of this faith community.





A Parish “Quiet Day” will be held on Saturday, March 31, from 9 a.m. until noon. John Morris will be offering several talks on the theme of “Lift up your hearts: Journeying form Despair to Joy.” These talks will be condensed versions of the talks that John gave at the diocesan Lenten Retreat in Burlington on March 16-17. The talks will be interspersed with times of silence during which participants can read, meditate, walk around outside, etc.



Todd McKee will be meeting with the diocesan Commission on Ministry on Saturday, March 31. He has applied to become a Candidate for Ordination and is seeking approval from the Commission, the Standing Committee, and the Bishop. This is the final step in his process of seeking ordination.


Those who want to make a contribution for the purchase of flowers for Easter Day can use the special envelopes on the table in the hallway or can send donations to Ann Davis (PO Box 158, Fairlee, VT 05045).


            HOUSE CHURCHES

Thank you to the Fosters and the Secords for   hosting house churches. In each case, a small group of parishioners gathered for conversation, informal communion, and a simple meal.  At Fosters’ house church, participants spent some time sharing stories about beloved animal companions. At Secords’ house church, participants spent some time remembering important teachers in their lives.


On Sunday, people can bring donations for the local food shelves. Especially needed:

–pasta (especially spaghetti)


–canned fruit


–toilet tissue and paper towels

–tuna fish

–canned spinach

–dog biscuits

–baking mixes

Parishioners who are not able to bring donations on April 1 can bring them on the following Sunday. Monetary donations are also welcome.



A story in the most recent ERD report  illustrates the impact of women’s empowerment and gender awareness programs in rural communities. It is about a woman who invited her husband to participate with her in an adult literacy program and craft training workshop. Learning and growing together, the couple is now prospering and participating fully in the life of their community.  The integrated program is run by the Zambia Anglican Council (ZAC), Episcopal Relief & Development’s partner in the country. More information can be found at:















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