Clergy and Lay Leadership

Ann Davis ’19, Senior Warden
John Godina ’21, Vestry
Howard Sussman ’21, Vestry
Bob Jones, ’21, Vestry
Bill Secord ’20, Vestry
Barbara Curran ’20, Vestry
DeWitt Mallary III ’20, Vestry
Mary Ellen Treadway ’19,Vestry
Joe Davis, Treasurer

Matthew Wiencke, Minister of Music

The Rev. Mark Preece, Rector


The Reverend Mark Preece joined St. Martin’s as Priest-in-Partnership in October 2014. He has previously served parishes in the Philadelphia area and elsewhere in Vermont. Before his ordination to the priesthood in 2001, Father Mark was a software engineer and manager at Apple Computer and several small companies around Boston. A graduate of Dartmouth College and the Episcopal Divinity School, he lives in Windsor, Vermont, with wife Patricia and daughters Elena and Annie.

You can reach Mark by telephone at (215) 370-0479, or by email at